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DYS Track Meet Registration
by posted 06/30/2022

Good day DYS Thunder Track and Field parents and athletes,


Our practice schedule is now posted on the DYS team page here: https://www.leagueathletics.com/Schedule.asp?org=dullesyouth.com.  Please note, we will not have practice on Mondays nor will we have practice on Friday, June 8. 


Our next and final summer meet is schedule to be a two-day meet on Saturday and Sunday, July 16-17.  Participating in the meet is optional, but we do need to know by July 8 if your athlete will be participating so we can register them.


ACTION REQUIRED: Please complete this Google Form indicating whether your athlete will be participating in the meet this weekend: https://forms.gle/TZRQTdviXQjsrqd3A.  If you have more than one athlete, please complete the form for each individual athlete. 


Below is additional information about the upcoming meet:


Meet Location

Charles J. Colgan Senior High School

Manassas VA



This meet is set up to take place over a two-day period.  A full schedule has not yet been posted.  For now, plan to arrive by 7:30.


We expect the schedule to be a rolling schedule.  It is not uncommon for events to start up to an hour early; nor it is uncommon for a meet to get well behind schedule.  Typically, athletes should plan to be at the event early and stay for the whole day. 


When you arrive at the meet, look for one of the coaches or fellow athletes at the front gate.  They will have your athlete wrist band that will get you into the meet.  Spectators, see below for information about purchasing tickets.



Athletes under 12 years old can participate in no more than 3 events.  Athletes 13 years or older can participate in up to 4 events.  As we learn more about your athlete over the coming weeks, we will place them in the event(s) for which we feel they are best suited at that time.  Prior to finalizing our team’s registration, we will confirm the registration list with you, which will also show you for which events your athlete is registered.


Age Groups

Athletes are placed in an age group based on the age they will be at the end of this calendar year.  For example, your athlete may be 10 years old today and will turn 11 in September - they will be placed in the 11/12 age group.  We have no control over group placement.


What to Bring

If you have not been to a track meet before, think of a tail gate party.  Some useful items to bring are:


·       Uniform (please see Coach McCants if you do not have uniform)

·       Running shoes (Spikes of 1/4” are allowed, but not required)

·       Lots and lots of water

·       A cooler with healthy snacks/food – lots of fresh fruits and vegetables

·       Sunscreen

·       A chair or tarp/blanket

·       A tent to help keep our athletes and spectators in the shade and as cool as possible while waiting for their next event


Spectator Tickets

Information about purchasing spectator tickets is not currently posted.  We will share this information with you as soon as it becomes available.


At the Meet

Our team will set up tents when we first arrive.  All are welcome to set up their tents, if you have them, in the same area as room allows, or join us under the tents put up by others on our team – or find another comfortable place for the day. 


Athletes will be called to the “bull pen” before their event to receive their heat and lane information.  Spectators can help by listening for the calls and helping the coaches get the athletes to where they need to be – this is most needed for the younger age groups.  Older athletes should listen for their own events.   



If you have any additional questions, please reach out or ask one of the coaches at practice.


Thank you for your prompt reply to the google form confirming whether your athlete will be participating in the July 16-17 meet! 


Have a safe holiday weekend!

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No Practice Mondays
by posted 06/27/2022

No practice today.  To allows the athlete's to rest their bodies, we will typically not be holding practice on Mondays.  See you tomorrow!

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No Practice Today
by posted 06/22/2022

Summer Storms, lets try again tomorrow.

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