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Important Information:

    1) When registering, it is not necessary to purchase "insurance"

    2) You must purchases your uniform by Saturday, October 21th (Link here)


Grades 3rd - 8th Grade ($350.00) registration ~ Click Here

For birth dates on and between 9/1/2009 - 8/31/2016


We will be practing at local High Schools starting the week of 11/6





Required Reading ~ Click Here
  • Parents are required to read online materials before registering
  • Please refer to the Equipment, Uniforms, Apparel page to purchase the required uniforms
  • For questions, exceptions, or problems with registration links, contact:
  • Tom Harris, 703-655-2100 cell/evenings, 



Sponsorships and Financial Offsets:

Families may get kids in free by getting one or more sponsors that donate more than $500.

Important notes:

Costs for uniforms and equipment are extra for parents.

Registration costs include most but not all competition entry fees.

Once club capacity is reached, wrestlers go on the wait list. We will find a way to solve this


‚ÄčKids in need, otherwise declared as "indigent" as defined by county schools may be able to obtain financial assistance upon submission of proof used by the county and approved by the commissioner. Such information remains privately held for review by the DYS executives and wrestling board of governors only.