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updated as of November 2, 2018


Notes to readers:

- Traditionally, clubs issue T-shirts to registrants some time after the season begins as part of the registration process

- In late calendar year 2016, the Dulles club began to place sayings on the backs of T-shirts to inspire wrestlers and families

- Themes are provided below the T-Shirts seen below


Season 2018-19 

Theme - everyone invest time in the sport! Wrestlers invest time to improve skills, families invest and volunteer time to improve the quality of the organization, and sponsors invest financially in the club so to have a place where kids have a place to focus their energies. 


Front                                                           Rear


Season 2017-18

Theme - famous quote from Winston Churchill from World War II. 


Front                                               Back


Season 2016-17

Theme - Dan Gable, Olympic Wrestler and Iowa Coach, famous quote.



Season 2015-16

Theme - In an effort to emphasize efforts by the Dulles South Youth Sports wrestling club to equaly feed the three main schools, Freedom, John Champe, and Rock Ridge, Jake Beyer (a youth wrestler in the club) created a unique saying on the back of the T-Shirt to show unity. Freedom Eagles, Champe Knights, and Rock Ridge Phoenix.