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updated as of February 21, 2019


Virginia Wrestling Association (VAWA) State Championships ~ Click Here

Saturday, Feb 23rd, 12U, 14U, 15U
Sunday, Feb 24rd, 8U, 10U, Girls


Registration Link Online With Track Wrestling ~ Click Here

- See number of wrestler in each age division "matrix"
- See names of registered wrestlers 


Virginia Wrestling Association (VAWA) State Championships Important Information

Skin infections form online ~ Click Here

Note:  All wrestlers must show proof of doctor treatment for skin infections, pimples, spots, etc. We advise wrestlers to get notes well in advance of the weighins so treatment is applied appropriately. If there are questions at satellite weighins, wrestlers will be asked to refrain from weighins, seek treatment from a certified doctor, and bring the form to the weighin at the Arthur Ashe Center on the morning of the tournament. 


Weighin Locations For All Age Divisions

Friday night, Feb 22nd, Arthur Ashe Center, Richmond VA

- Friday night, Feb 22nd, Satellite Weighins Posted Locations Online

- Friday night, Feb 22nd, John Champe High School Satellite Weighin Information

- Times:  6:00-7:00 PM

Wrestlers will be asked to sign-in to record the time or their arrival in case lines are long where the actual weighin is after 7:00 PM. 

Late arrivals will be asked to drive to Richmond on the day of the tournament so that the satellite management staff do not have to stay on site much longer than the designated time period. 

- Directions:  Located southwest of Dulles Airport
- Address: 41535 Sacred Mountain Street, Aldie, VA 20105
- Contact:  Bill Marck, 571-338-5669 cell/evenings
- Skin infections form online ~ see above links
- Rules for moving weight classes and age divisions per instructions from the VAWA Director
- Wrestlers may move up or down weight classes without penalties
- Wrestlers may change age divisions but not wrestle two age divisions


Track Wrestling Mobile Phone App

Follow brackets, bouts, and opponents ~ Click Here



- Some folks are staying in hotels near Richmond to allow the wrestlers to do some team bonding and pool
- Dinner is involved too
- Talk to Coach Rob Marohn on hotel options



Age group determined by actual age of wrestler on February 24th

COACHES must present a 2019 USAW Coaches Card to get a floor pass to coach mat side.

Admission = Adults $10, Students $5, Non school kids Free

Friday, February 22nd

2:00 PM, 22-February, Registration ends, and payment complete.

6:00-8:00 PM, Ashe Center in Richmond, Weigh-ins for all age groups and divisions (both days) at the Ashe Center

6:00-8:00 PM, Regional Weigh-In Sites listed online (some 6-7 PM)

Saturday, February 23rd

No registrations on Saturday. However, weighins authorized Saturday 7:30-8:00 AM in Richond Only.

7:30 am-Building Opens (last minute weigh ins for 12U, 14U and 15U

8:30 am-Wrestlers Check Wall Charts for 12-under

9:00 am-First round for 12 Under 

12:30 pm-Wrestlers Check wall charts for 14-under

1:00 pm-First round for 14 Under

3:30 pm-15 Under Check Wall Charts

4:00 pm-First Round 15 Under (this is a one year age group)

6:00 pm-Late Registration and Last minute weigh-ins for Sunday.

Sunday February 24th

7:30am-Building opens (last minute weigh ins for 6U, 8U, 10U and all Girls events-This ends at 8am. No last minute registrations)

8:30am-Wrestlers Check Wall Charts (Boys 6 Under and Boys 8 Under, ES and MS Girls)

9:00am-Boys 6 Under and Boys 8 Under, Elementary and Middle School Girls begin

11:30pm-Boys 10 Under and HS Girls check wall charts

12:00pm-Boys 10 Under wrestling begins & High School Girls wrestling begins