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In general

  • Most tournaments follow the national high school rules.
  • Youth clubs tend to modify the rules slightly to accommodate facilities, times, and youth stamina.

Typical rules are as follows:

  • High school matches (or bouts) consist of three periods with each one being 2 minutes in duration
  • Middle school matches typically are 1:30 for each period
  • Elementary school matches typically are 1:00 for each period
  • Overtime is typically 1:00 minute in the neutral position followed by two 0:30 second top/bottom positions
  • Some events may adjust the first period to be 2:00 for youth

Typical wait times in between matches:

  • Can range between 15-60 minutes
  • 15 minutes is typical of NVWF
  • 60 minutes can be experienced at high end popular tournaments
  • 30-45 minutes is typically seen for advanced wrestlers