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  • What is the benefit of the Middle School Softball Program?

The middle school program provides young ladies at participating middle schools the opportunity to represent their school, enhance school spirit, develop camaraderie, encourage teamwork, and to further develop their softball skills with the girls they will play with in high school.

  • How will the Middle School Softball Program work?

    • Projected Start Date – Tryouts in February 

    • Season runs April through late May with playoffs late May/early June

    • About 8-10 game schedule with single elimination playoffs or possible tournament style playoff (pool play and championships)

    • 1 game per week (typically on Friday) and 1 practice per week (typically on Monday)

    • All middle school female athletes (grades 6th-8th) are eligible to tryout

    • One team will be formed for each participating middle school from players that attend that school, or are homeschooled or attend a private school, but live in the attendance boundary for their public school.

    • Schools may be combined if numbers do not support adequate team size.

    • Each participating league is responsible for handling try-outs, field allocations, coach selection, team selection, practice schedules and uniforms for the middle schools in their jurisdiction.

    • Games will be officiated using USA Softball rules with local program modifications.

  • What is the anticipated cost to play in the Middle School Softball Program?

$175 (non-refundable) which is payable if your player is offered and accepts a position on a middle school team.

  • Can a player simultaneously play in both Middle School Softball and other Softball programs?

Yes – If a player makes the middle school team, there may be times where the schedule conflicts with other commitments.  The league will work to minimize the impact of potential scheduling conflicts as much as possible. Additional it will be very important that each player discuss their situation with their coaches to set expectations.

  • How will team selection be determined?

Player selection and team size will be determined by individual coaches and process established by participating leagues.

  • What happens if my player is not selected for Middle School team?

There are local softball organizations that offer middle school house leagues that will help further develop their softball  skills. We can refer you to a softball organization.

  • Who can I contact if I have questions not answered here?

Matt Lawrence, DYS Middle School Softball Program Director