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The Middle School Travel League, in partnership with Loudon County PRCS, is intended for middle-schoolers looking for a higher-level of competitive play. DYS Middle School Travel League teams represent Lunsford, Mercer, and Willard Middle Schools.

Per county rules all players must try out for the school in which they attend class; if your child attends private school, they are eligible to play for the school for which they are zoned. Per PRCS rules, those players who are still in 8th grade but are playing for their future high school program are not eligible for the Middle School travel league. Further, those players selected to a Middle School (travel) team are not eligible to also play in the house league (it is one or the other). Lastly, no 5th grader will be permitted to try out for a Middle School travel team.

No player is eligible to play down a grade - meaning for an 8th grader they are NOT permitted to play JV, nor is a 7th grader permitted to play down to 6th grade.

The game schedule is developed and kept by Loudoun County PRCS; games are primarily played on Sundays.

On the boy’s side there are three (3) divisions - 6th grade, JV, and Varsity.

On the girls’ side there are two (2) divisions - JV & Varsity.

ALL players who wish to play for their respective middle school team must register for our recreational league and attend the recreational tryout. Players who receive qualifying score through our evaluation process will be invited to try out for the travel team.