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DYS Cheerleading
Program Overview


We can't wait for the 2023 fall cheer season and are expecting well over 100 participants this year. Our program is tailored to the abilities and needs of the participants, and we create a positive atmosphere for kids to learn about sportsmanship, safety and team building, as well as to develop a fondness for the sport.




The cheer season runs from Early August to mid-November.

 1.  Your child must be age 5 by September 30, 2023 to be eligible for DYS Cheer. DYS accepts girls up to age 14. 
No exceptions.

2.  Squads are formed according to age/grade level. As some parents have more than one child, special consideration will be given to those wishing to have their children cheer on the same squad. However, if making this request, please keep in mind the age difference of your children.


3.  Your Registration Fee will cover all of the following:

    DYS Cheerleading Shell Top ***
    DYS Cheerleading Skirt ***
    Mock Turtle Neck ***
    Sweat Jacket ***
    Pom Poms ***
    Hair Bow

    Plus, girls will receive special socks & a bow for October to

       support Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The items noted with *** are the property of DYS Cheer and must be returned at the end of the season in good, clean condition.  Failure to return these items will result in a charge of $200. There is a $20 cleaning fee for uniforms that are dirty when returned.


Each cheerleader is responsible for the care and maintenance of their uniform. Every child will need to be fitted for her 2022 uniform.


Uniform Fittings will be held in August.   Your child must be registered to be fitted.


4.  Participants provide their own cheerleading sneakers. The shoes should be all white in color and be either leather or faux leather, and provide proper athletic support for your child. 



      5.  We also understand that many parents involved with cheer have sons who play football. Squads are not assigned to a specific team.  

6.  Squads will be formed in early August and your Coach will be in contact with you shortly thereafter with meeting and practice information. For the safety of all children, all DYS Coaches are required to undergo a complete background check by an outside, independent agency.

7. Cheer practice will begin in late August. Squads will practice 1-2 times per week and are held in the local community. Additional practices may be required to prepare for special events throughout the cheer season. 

8. The game schedule will depend on the DYS Football schedule. The draft does not usually take place until the beginning of September, so game schedules WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL THAT TIME. 

9.  Games are typically held on Saturdays during the day at Champe High School from as early as 8:00am to as late as 6:00pm

10. DYS also participates in several fun events throughout the year! Whether it is cheering at our local High Schools, cheering in a Community parade, participating in our end-of-year Showcase, or the FCYFL Performance Day, DYS cheerleaders have the opportunity to have fun both on and off the field.


       11. DYS is a non-profit organization. As such, fundraising is an important part of the cheer program. Please be aware that your child/children will be expected to particpate in reasonable fundraising efforts during the season, with each girl raising a minimum of $100. You will have the opportunity to "opt out" of fundraising activity on your Registration form and have $100 added to each child's registration fee.


12. Volunteers - DYS Cheerleading is 100% dependent on volunteers. We are ALWAYS in

need of coaches,  assistants, team moms, etc. If you would like to volunteer your time with

our organization, it would be welcomed and appreciated! If you choose not to volunteer, you will be assessed at $50 fee at Registration. 


If you are interested in Coaching, please click here for more information or to sign up now.


13. Please read our DYS Policies & Fees page. You will be asked to agree to this information when registering your child for DYS Cheer. 


**Registration for the 2023 Season opens SOON**

Questions? Please email

Thank you for your interest in DYS Cheer!
Go Thunder!