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updated as of November 22, 2018


Messages to parents on youth sports in general

- Our coaches are very experienced in youth sports programs.  We encourage kids and families to get involved for general physical fitness, fun, and opportunities to meet others.  We also have learned that kids need opportunities to gain knowledge and skills to become competitve for today's high school varsity programs.  DYS recognizes teh need to balance life, school, sports, and extracurricular activities, and therefore provides opportunities for athletes of all levels and interests.

- If you are looking to become generally familiar with youth wrestling we have the program for you.  If you are looking to compete at higher levels, we create opportunities for you to train at least three times per week to keep pace with other local team competitors.

- The DYS coaching staff is comprised of many professions including teachers in local area schools. Moreover, DYS coaches have a great deal of experience dealing with male and female youth athletes at all ages and sporting experiences from recreation to travel/elite including baseball, softball, football, track, rugby, volleyball, and of course wrestling. DYS coaches understand the pressures to compete at youth, high school, and college levels. Life is certainly a balance and DYS has a structured format for just about any level athlete. 

- Unlike other sports, wrestlers have ample opportunities to meet national champions, olympians, and high level coaches. Wrestlers can easily get autographs, signatures, and pictures with their favorite champ. In contrast, it is very difficult to gain access to professionals in football, baseball, or basketball. Just getting on the field is a challenge, however, wrestlers can get matside appearances regularly after college matches or at camps. See our DYS Highlights tab for proof. 

 - Pressures and trends on youth sports families have been quietly understood for a long time and now revealed in the following HBO special. For those of us who are up in age, we remember the days when sports were based on seasons. Today, sports have become highly specialized and year-round. And, some sports involve personal trainers and private instruction. See what HBO has documented. 

- pressures to play sports early and often ~ HBO Sports Report by Bryant Gumbel Aug 2017

- pressures to play sports early and often ~ HBO Report Summary


Wrestling Sport Safety

- Wrestling at the youth, high school, and collegiate levels are very different than what is seen on TV, and the sport contains many checks and balances to maintain a positive and safe atmosphere. 

- See more on safety online ~ Click Here


Benefits of Wrestling Seen Below

- Wrestler Interview ~ Click Here

- Written benefits ~ Click Here

- Article on benefits ~ Click Here 

- Article on why kids should wrestle ~ Click Here 

- Inspires self restraint (international examples) ~ Click Here

- Encourage fun regardless of age ~ Click Here

- Burroughs interview on staying focused and disciplined ~ Click Here


Freestyle Wrestling

- The Style Used by Olympics and International Community

Basic Rules for Freestyle (typically April - September)

- Jordan Burroughs explains ~ online

2017 USA Seniors World Championships Highlights (Freestyle)

- Highlights Wrestling World cup 2017 ~ online

- August 2017 world championships summary overview ~ online video

- August 2017 Article Kyle Snyder wins Gold to get USA Team Gold - online

- August 2017 Video Kyle Snyder wins Gold ~ online or online 

- August 2017 Jordan Burroughs wins Gold early in USA fight to win Team Gold ~ online

- August 2017 Helen Maroulis wins Gold at World Championships to help USA get Team Silver ~ online

2017 USA Juniors World Championships Highlights (Freestyle)

- August 2017 Mark Hall wins Gold to help US win Team Gold ~ online

- August 2017 Men's US Junior team wins Gold ~ online

2017 USA Cadet Team at World Championships (Freestyle)

- Kurt McHenry, Ranger Wrestling Club in Leesburg VA, Wins Gold at 2017 Cadet Freestyle World Championships

- Gold medal match ~ video online TBD

- Semifinals match with great shots and reshots examples ~ match video online and interview

- Article_1, article_2

- McHenry, Wins Gold at 2016 Cadet Freestyle World Championships

- article online

- video online


Folkstyle Wrestling

- The Style Used by DYS and High School Wrestlers

Basic Rules for Folkstyle (applies to NVWF, Mason Dixon, CAWL, and High School)

- Wrestling 101 with John Smith, Head Coach for Oklahoma State University ~ online video

- Wrestling 101:  Takedowns, Referee's Position, Escape, Reversal, Scoring, Locked Hands, by John Smith, ~ online video

- Wrestling 101:  Pin/Fall, Out of Bounds, Illegal Moves, Injury Timeouts, Match & Dual Meet Scoring, by John Smith ~ online video

- Wrestling 101:  Control, Stalling, Potentially Dangerous, Stalemate, Narrated by John Smith ~ online video

Example Matches Displaying DYS Technical and Mental Performance

- DYS trains wrestlers to control emotions, remained focused, persevere, overcome obstacles, face adversity, and exercise determination to become better in school, sports, and community by respecting self and others while displaying good sportsmanship

- DYS wrestler shows determination and composure even upon defeat 21-Jan-2017 ~ video

- DYS wrestler overcomes prior defeat to win next day 22-Jan-2017 ~ video

- DYS wrestler dominates same foe at season end 12-Mar-2017 ~ period-1period-2period-3

- Febuary 2017 VAWA Duals ~ Team Picture

- May 2017 National Elementary School Duals Pic-1 and Pic-2

College matches

- 2017 NCAA Wrestling Highlights National Championships -St.louis ~ online

- More 2017 NCAA Highlights ~ online

- 2016 NCAA Wrestling Highlights ~ online

- 2015 NCAA Wrestling Highlights National Championships -St.Louis ~ online

- Logan Steiber (Ohio State) vs Zane Retherford (Penn State) popular ~ online

- Gene Mills (Syracuse) vs Joe Gonzalez (Cal State) 1979 historically infamous ~ online


Other Examples

- Mr. Gross example of single leg attack ~ Click Here