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As of  Monday, October 14, 2019

Dulles Youth Sports Wrestling

USA Wrestling "Top-50" Club In The U.S.


Winter season practices start Wednesday, November 6, 2019 for All Youth Wrestlers

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Winter Program for Season 2019-2020

General Overview


  • Winter season period:  November-February

Practice group assignments:

  • Typically posted in late October before the start of the November practices
  • Held at local area high schools (mostly the wrestling rooms)
  • Assignments to rooms are based on birth dates, skill levels, and commitments in time/money
  • Some practice groups may be assigned two different locations based on space availability

Programs and Groups Options (select only one):

  • Standard-NVWF
  • All-Star-Intensive


  • See also the Leagues tab
  • Comprised of boys and girls, grades 1-8, beginners and advanced
  • Assigned to age divisions based on birth dates:  
    • Seniors - SEN
    • Intermediates - INT
    • Juniors - JUN
    • Midgets - MID
    • Bantams - BAN
  • Note that DYS may combine or split age divisions for practices based on coaches 
  • See NVWF league information for more on birth dates
  • Compete every Sunday in NVWF December through February
  • Practice two days per week in local high schools
  • Older kids have an additional free weekly one-day optional practice
  • Northern Virginia Wrestling Federation (NVWF) is comprised of 30-plus clubs across multiple counties in the northern VA area
  • Compete in a season-end final NVWF tournament the weekend of Feb 29 - Mar 1
  • Select wrestlers may possibly compete in a one-day Dulles Duals tournament (details TBD)

Advanced Intensive (Blue Room):

  • See also the Leagues tab
  • Principally for middle school age wrestlers with athletic abilities, and agreement to time and financial commitments
  • Tryouts and conversations may be required to join
  • Age exceptions may be granted by head coach and registrar
  • Practices are tentatively:
    • Tuesday and Thursday at John Champe 6:30-8:30 PM
    • Wednesday 6:30-8:15 PM at Westfields High School as a joint practice with SYA and CYA
  • Comprised of select advanced wrestlers via an evaluation process
  • Compete in the Top of the Podioum Winter Wrestling Series which competes in Sterling VA
  • Compete in tournaments November through early March
    • ​TOP events are December - March
  • Compete in the Virginia state-wide VAWA championship tournament at the end of February
  • Select wrestlers may possibly compete in a one-day Dulles Duals tournament (details TBD)

Obligations for Parents and Wrestlers:

  • Wrestlers are required to attend team scheduled competition events
  • Wrestlers are required to take steps to qualify for end-of-season final events
  • Parents are required to complete volunteer duties outlined elsewhere


Winter Program for Season 2019-2020


Financial structure:

  • Earlybird registration period ends midnight on November 5h.

  • Late registration period adds $25 late fee starting November 6th.

  • Registration fee includes regular league competitions (e.g. NVWF, or other regular league costs).

  • Wrestlers may only select one of the two program options:
    • Standard-NVWF
    • All-Star-Intensive

  • Costs for uniforms and equipment are extra for parents.

  • Registration costs include most but not all league competition entry fees (there are some events considered to be outside of the normal league competition series such as holiday specialty events)

  • $251.50 for the “Standard-NVWF” program with Sunday league competitions included at NVWF.

  • $285.00 “Advanced-Intensive Blue Room” program with competitions inlcuded at TOP Winter Wrestling Series

Sponsorships and Financial Offsets:

  • Families may get kids registered at no cost by collecting $500 in total from sponsors. 


  • 28 kids max per room on average as a baseline with some alterations per coaches.

  • Head coaches registration fees covered by DYS in return for their commitments.

  • Head coaches, and assistant coaches selected by head coach, get the background check covered by DYS ($15).

  • One head coach and two assistant coachs get coach cards covered by DYS ($35).

Tentative Practice Schedules:

  • Standard-NVWF” Bantam/Midget Group with Coach Pate

    • ​Tuesday/Thursday at Freedom High School

  • Standard-NVWF” Junior Group (light weights below 65 pounds) with Coach Manetti

    • Monday/Wednesday at Freedom High School

  • Standard-NVWF” Junior Group (and light weight Intermediates) with Coach Giglotti

    • Tuesday/Thursday at Independence or Rock Ridge High Schools

    • Wrestlers may join Coach Gross for the optional nights on Fridays

  • Standard-NVWF” combined Intermediate/Senior Group with Coach Gross

    • Monday/Wednesday at Champe High School (Friday optional)

  • Advanced-Intensive Blue Room” Group with Coach Chuck Hoskins

    • Tuesday/Thursday at John Champe High School

    • Wednesday at Westfields High School for joint inter-club practices


​League and Dual Team Information:

  • See league specific information on the League website tab.

  • Leagues:
    • NVWF
    • Top of the Podium Winter Wrestling Series

  • Duals (select wrestlers):
    • Dulles Duals Middle School
    • Dulles Duals Elementary School