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updated as of August 6, 2019


Overall Program

- Dulles Youth Sports provides opportunities for kids to wrestle throughout the year

- The winter season is the main part of the program

- The spring season involves folkstyle competitions as well as freestyle and greco roman

- The summer season involves summer camps, clinics, and tournaments

- The fall season is typically the pre-season where kids prepare for the main winter season


Winter Season 2019-2020 General Program Description

- DYS anticipates having roughly 4-5 groups each containing 26-36 kids

- Structured using a skills competency model similar to other sports for: 

- Practice-Only

- Standard-NVWF

All-Stars Intense



"Practice-Only" Program:

- kids are mixed with the respective Standard program wrestlers for practices

- kids don't compete in the standard leagues which require regular weekly competitions


"Standard-NVWF" Program:

- practice 2-times per week (at either Champe, Freedom, Independence, or Rock Ridge High Schools) in the evenings

- optional practice on a 3rd night 

- compete on Sundays in the NVWF throughout the Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William, Fauquier, Culpeper, and King George counties (arrangements are made to assign clubs to local venues and minimize distances to matches)

- compete in an NVWF season-end-finale the last weekend in February

- compete in the skill appropriate Dulles Duals as a team

- wrestlers may compete in their own age division plus "bump-up" to compete in the next higher age division in the NVWF. In other words, those that exhibit higher levels of skill or athletic abiliites may compete in two age divisions to challenge themselves (this is highly encouraged)


"All-Star-Intensive" Program:

- practice and compete at higher levels

- practice 2-times per week (at Champe HS)

- practice an additional day with other local clubs as a joint practice for diversity of partners

- compete in Saturday tournaments in the Dulles VA area

- compete in select open individual style tournaments in VA, PA, MD

- compete in VAWA state-wide championships the last weekend of February 


Important Notes

- Kids may not compete in multiple programs simultaneously (Standard and All-Star-Intensive)

- Once a wrestler says he or she is competing in one of those groups, they are obligated to attend the events because parents and clubs have volunteer duties to fill based on the number of kids registered to compete


How kids are assigned to winter practice groups and competitions

- all kids register a specific registration link to get into the appropriate DYS program based on age, skill, and commitments.

- all kids will be assumed to wrestling in the NVWF unless both parents and coaches agree to enter the more advanced programs that compete and practice at higher levels.

- all kids will be assigned a practice room mostly based on age, however, if a child is exceptionally heavy or light for their age group then arrangements may be made to move them up or down an age group so to ensure practice partners are available for them.

- kids are typically assigned to an "STANDARD-NVWF AGE DIVISION" which is based on a range of birth dates between 18 and 24 months. The age division is determined after Thanksgiving when NVWF registrants are filed and counted. For example, the Senior age group are for kids born between January 1, 2005 and June 30, 2007. 

- parents with siblings may some times be able to place them in the same age division for practice room purposes upon approvals by the coaches so to ease logistics for families so they are not in a wrestling room 4 days per week. 

- as part of the Standard-NVWF program, kids that exhibit greater skill may compete in two age divisions on the same day as they "bump-up" to the next age division to get more matches. 

- kids in grades 5-8 that exhibit higher skill levels or athletic abilities may participate in the more advanced programs, such as All-Stars or Travel, upon agreement by both the parent and the coaches mutually. 


Northern Virginia Wrestling Federation (NVWF)

- NVWF is comprised of 30-plus clubs in the northern VA area with 2000 wrestlers

- Information is online ~ Click Here 

- NVVWF is an individual style tournament with kids grouped according to age, weight, skill

- Overview of NVVW ~ Click Here


Dulles Duals

- DYS competes in select duals for elementary and middle schools periodically throughout the season. Duals are structured with a set of roughly 10-12 roster slots whereby kids compete against other teams for team points.


Travel Team Activities

- Travel teams regularly compete in tournaments in the PA, VA, MD, WV areas

DYS Participation in Mason Dixon Wrestling League (MDWL) 

- MDWL competes on Sundays in January and February between Front Royal and beyond Winchester along the route 81 corridor. Additional clubs have joined from the eastern Loudoun county and western Fairfax regions. This league is for our more experienced wrestlers only.

- As of August 2019, DYS does not have a travel team (interested coaches may contact us).

Open Tournaments Available Separately for Parents and Wrestlers

- "Open" individual style tournaments are posted online for PA, VA, MD, DE, NJ and VA.

- Sources are online ~ Click Here