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Dulles Youth Sports (DYS)

History and Background:

- The corporate parent changed its name to Dulles Youth Sports (DYS) in late 2018.

- Prior to that, the club was called Dulles South Youth Sports (DSYS).

- The organization started with the football program followed by other sports including wrestling.

- Many people volunteered to build the program to what it has become today.

- The wrestling club started as a simple recreational program as part of the Northern Virginia Wrestling Federation (NVWF) league then later added an advanced travel program to compete in the Capitol Area Wrestling League (CAWL). 

- As the program grew, so did the interests of the families and coaches. The CAWL program became idle in 2014 and the club began to rebuild with the addition of new coaches. 

- In 2015, the club eventually added an advanced element that periodically competed in open tournaments in VA, PA, MD, and WV. 

- In 2016, the club partnered with the Ranger Wrestling Club (Leesburg VA) to have the advanced element compete in the Mason Dixon Wrestling League (MDWL) with some kids wrestling in the CAWL as part of the partnership. 

- USA wrestling identified the Dulles Youth Sports wrestling program as one of its top 50 clubs in the U.S. for season 2017-2018. 

- Advanced wrestlers also participated in the Virginia Wrestling Association (VAWA) state championships each year from that point forward. 

- DYS produced its first state champion at VAWA states in February 2019. 

- The joint partnership with Rangers enabled the advanced room to win the MDWL Intermediate age division championships in March 2018. Moreover, the joint partnership acquired another win for the Intermediate age division in March 2019 along with the overall team title for all age divisions ~ results online ~ click here

- The club grew to over 125 registrants in season 2018-2019 with the bulk of them participating in NVWF. 

- Facts outlined here are limited due to the absence of information.